Just Midnight Thought : Daily habits shapes you as a Developer

Disclaimer : This is just a memo, not a statement, just midnight hunting idea

I’ve been doing alot of thinking lately about my daily habits, mainly with my Dev Team and since our company is growing with time, my daily habits started to be as clear as a sunlight in rainy day, though i don’t notice much of a difference since my team and i developed a certain bound if i may say, that let us work in great synergy especially in interconnected system, being left alone without team help is kinda depressing sometimes, though still, I’m not complaining.

leaving the narcissist away for the sake of the product and company is what’s needed not occasionally but every day.

With time, learning curves started to show itself simply because different background in an international team means simply more experience, to be honest it was and still a learning curve as our company do it best to have the best of everything, being left behind in changing software development world is something you truly don’t want to suffer from, also it’s kinda amusing to share with your team the latest thing in Javascript or ask for help with Promises development of simply ask for help from your fellow developer to help with a branch, leaving the narcissist away for the sake of the product and company is what’s needed not occasionally but every day, every time, i’ve learned that with time as saying “i don’t know” became my keyword for better understanding and growth for both my persona and professional career.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

With time i also realised that having the total liberty to choose my stack, and being autonomous while taking important decision regarding my modules or insider app is somehow pleasing, as the feel of involvement and responsibility toward my company’s growth and success became my number one mission, it made me feel important and that my work will impact my company even in the smallest way possible, having such feeling of being inclusive and important is kinda nice and we all know, with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, such feeling also made me think twice before doing anything that can jeopardize the whole workflow or simply make me lose time and eventually money, so for anyone reading this article whether you’re a Lead Developer or PM, giving well thought space and responsibilities and most importantly freedom to your developers can make the greatest impact on the whole product.

There’s no I in Team !

Moving the wheel further, being present and simply there in time of need and showcasing genuine care, can do magic, having people that are diverse, compliant and simply interconnected can be a bit tricky in case of introvert people because teamwork needs a team and being the guy who spread positive energy can simply makes your life way easier then being the other way around, remember your job is to take care of your company’s best interest while creating top notch software and make sure you’re rocking it, not simply because you’re hired to do so, but because you believe in your company’s vision and prospects goals.

Secret pizza time !

See me here talking about companies like a family, well because it’s and it’s the naked truth, you’re interacting with stranger, 8 to 10 hours a day, that’s mostly more than the time you’re having with your wife/husband or kids for that matter, remember Healthy career means healthy life and trust me, you don’t want to be the guy/girl left behind for secret pizza time !

It’s not about work life balance, such thing doesn’t exist

With that said, i do consider this short words as memo not for me but you too remember shaping your daily habits and work ethics can do the difference within your life’s different paths and change is inevitable, with that remember life is all about challenges and being the men/women of the hour will mean also having more things in your plate, considering life work balance, i don’t think or even believe that such thing is possible, in my daily life having a certain workflow and ideas and me trying to properly explaining and sharing that in a meeting, stand up and short 2 min confirmation email exchange is important because without finding the common ground and space to do so this my friend, will be your heart attack reason.