TL;DR In this very opinionated article, we’re going to cover how you can install & use FontAwesome within Angular v5+ application the Angular way (aka: component/explicit wise), so let’s have some fun!

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ملاحظة : للحصول على تجربة أفضل أثانء قراءة هذا المقال و التي يسعتمد على خاصية القراءة من اليمين الى اليسار و التي بدورها غير مدعومة في مدونات medium فالرجاء تحميل هذا البرنامج المساعد الذي سيحسن طريقة القراءة لأي مقال باللغة العربية.

للتحميل على متصفح Google Chrome الرجاء الضغط هنا.

كلنا او جلنا على الاقل على علم بأن لغة Javascript تعتبر لغة غريبة بغض الشيء و ليسما أثناء معالجتها للعمليات المتزامنة و غير المتزامنة (asynchronous and synchronous operations ) و قد يكون هذا الأخير موضوعا فلسفيا في حد ذاته اذ الكثير من المطورين يحاولون بشتى الطرق ترجمة ما يكون غالبا في…

It’s been a while now since I wrote my Packt Cookbook about Firebase, back then in 2017 I wrote about the Firebase Remote config, and how it’s a very suitable option for in-demand based functionalities, and that’s exactly what the Remote Config job is, It let you control the way you’re showcasing data/functionalities on your application based on many factors, to support any business logic of your choice.

As a use case, you can change these variable values or configuration from the Firebase Console, to showcase new discount popups in e-commerce, or to allow a new type of functionalities in…

لطالما تسائلت , ماكان ليكون لو كان تعلم البرمجة متاحا للعرب بلغتهم و لسانهم الأم 🤔. ماكان ليحدث لو كان ليكون المزيد والمزيد من المحتوى العربي 🤔 الذي يسعى لإدراج العربية كلغة محتملة لتعلم البرمجة من دون التدرج في تعلم أو إتقان أي لغة أخرى

من أجل ذلك و من حيثيات ذاك المخاض قررت إنشاء نظرة كتجربة و محاولة شخصية للكتابة و لو لمرة في الشهر مقالا علميا برمجيا أو حتى فكريا باللغة العربية الفصحى و التلي هي بدورها اللغة الرسمية للشرق الأوسط و شمال إفريقيا و منه هذا المحتوى سيكون رسميا موجها لتلك الفئة السكانية من هذا العالم الفسيح

As this is not some sort of a clickbait, it’s actually a true reality, imagine your favorite Avenger superpowers, now imagine it’s gone, in this article that I hope won't take few hundred of words, I will try to sum it all and talk in short and long about Money, Cryptocurrencies, Digital money and all the hype that goes around it, from my perspective and depending on logical, historical and social context as I believe they should be part of today's equation.

Thus, before starting out this journey, I believe a money 101 is needed, so buckle up and let’s…

Moving to NYC or Istanbul both cities are just amazing 😂 but away from the sad joke, Code coverage is essential for reporting and just for checking your overall code status when it comes to testing your code base.

Switching from a normal Javascript code base to Typescript can sometimes require some time to get used to, so in this article that I hope it won’t be stupidly long I will try to sum up by rewriting an example of mine that simply let you upload files over MongoDB using: Express, GridFS and good’ol Javascript to everything I mentioned before but with TypeScript flavor and fix some problems in the way, so let’s get cooking !

So, you made it, you got your first react component or project together, now you miss your lovely FontAwesome icons, let’s cover how we can integrate them in 4 easy steps.

Disclaimer : This is just a memo, not a statement, just midnight hunting idea

I’ve been doing alot of thinking lately about my daily habits, mainly with my Dev Team and since our company is growing with time, my daily habits started to be as clear as a sunlight in rainy day, though i don’t notice much of a difference since my team and i developed a certain bound if i may say, that let us work in great synergy especially in interconnected system, being left alone without team help is kinda depressing sometimes, though still, I’m not complaining.


It’s obvious by today's standards that having a responsive, modern, intuitive and moreover human interface is required for any modern website, and i won’t convince you of how Material Design is mimicking that, because it’s quite obvious over Android, now in the web.

In this article, we’re about to talk about the following part:

  1. Initializing an Angular Project using Angular-Cli.
  2. Incorporating Angular Material.
  3. Building cool shell application (Think of PWA 😉)

So, let’s get busy !

PS : find here the article Github Repo, i will make sure to update regularly with Angular Material Goodies !

1 — Initialising an Angular Project :

In order to keep…

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